About Me


Hello readers!

My name is Savannah Floore. Ever since I was little I have been a fan of movies. I am just so fascinated by how all these pieces come together to make something that we all watch.

I love to learn about the things that make this crazy thing tick, so much so that I am studying it for college. In addition, I love to watch YouTube film critics like Chris Stuckmann, Jeremy Jahns, and others. I also did this blog to improve my own critiquing and writing skills.

My goal with this blog is to watch some amazing films and television shows and share my passion for this medium with others. My reviews will always try to find the positive elements in every film, even the awful ones. I will be reviewing my films on a graded scale (A-F). Just because I like or don’t like something, doesn’t mean you can’t. I hope I can help you find a new favorite movie and or show! I am always open to recommendations for anything to try, so please don’t hesitate. Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoy!!