Supernatural: Season 5 (2009)

With the apocalypse on the horizon, the Winchesters must rally together to try and stop the unstoppable. Eric Kripke and the Supernatural crew take on the Devil and more supernatural entities in a standout season. Grab the salt, gas up the car, we’re back on the road with season five of Supernatural! 

>Spoilers Ahead!<

After inadvertently kick-starting the apocalypse, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) play damage control by pursuing the recently-released Lucifer. Sam and Dean must battle their destinies, relying on both each other and friends like Castiel (Misha Collins) and Bobby Singer (Jim Beaver) to stop the oncoming apocalypse.

Who knew a show with such campy beginnings would feature such interesting ideas and raised stakes? Season five is the culmination of many carefully developed plot threads coming together. Supernatural easily could have used the season to take a victory lap. After all, Kripke had planned a five-season arc about two brothers and their battle with destiny and monsters. Fortunately for us, Supernatural fires on all cylinders for all twenty-two episodes, continually improving on its episode quality. This is an expertly crafted season that will make you laugh in one moment and wring your hands with worry in the next.

Supernatural’s heroes have faced their share of villains. For the grand finale, the antagonist had to be big.  The Winchesters must face off against archangels Lucifer and Michael, who have chosen Sam and Dean as their vessels to duke it out and begin the apocalypse. Both archangels make the antagonists of the past four seasons look like Stunt Demon #3. There is a newfound level of urgency. If they fail, the world will be destroyed. Each episode feels like another tick of the clock, moving towards an inevitable conclusion. I enjoyed watching Sam and Dean try different strategies in stopping the apocalypse. It adds to the desperation as the 11th hour draws near.

“Our last night on Earth” (Image: Screencapped)

Season five continues to reflect on its themes of destiny and free will from season four by widening its effect from the Winchesters to other characters. From his first appearance, Cas became a fan-favorite and his role was extended, adding a unique character to the Supernatural family. Rebelling from Heaven, Cas discovers the power of free will, learning to break away from his solider training and to walk down a new path. The free will and destiny debate even ripples towards the antagonists. The Winchester’s character arcs mirror that of  warring brothers Lucifer and Michael. Supernatural’s themes humanize the Biblical stories and establishes a point of contrast between the vessels and the archangels. The archangels refuse to change their viewpoints, creating a wedge in their relationship and chaos in their wake. The Winchesters are willing (for the most part) to work through their differences and change for the better.

Supernatural has certainly moved beyond its campy first season, working hard to provide an amazing conclusion to a five season arc. With the help of intense adversaries like Lucifer and Michael, Supernatural takes an intimate story about two brothers and expands it into something beyond human control. The themes of free will and destiny deepen the struggle and make the story all the more personal. I love this season of Supernatural, and rewatching it reminds why I love the show all the more. Season five gets an A!

(Image: Screencapped)

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Favorite Episodes

“Good God Y’all” (5×02)

“The End” (5×04)

“Changing Channels” (5×08)

“The Real Ghostbusters” (5×09)

“Abandon All Hope” (5×10)

“The Song Remains the Same” (5×13)

“Two Minutes To Midnight” (5×21)

“Swan Song” (5×22)








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