iZombie Season 3 (2017)

Hungry for more iZombie?  The brain loving crew comes back in full force against a bigger threat in the CW show’s third season. Does everything go smoothly for Team Z? Are brains delicious? Spoiler Warning: I will be diving into specifics for this review so here is your warning. Let’s dig in once more to iZombie! 

When we last left our heroes, they infiltrated a Max Rager party that was overrun with zombies. In the finale’s closing minutes, Liv found herself confronted with military organization Fillmore-Graves. She and her friends must choose: humans or zombies? Along the way, they face new threats to their quest for the cure and even discover a new formula that gives enhances visions. iZombie is nothing if not consistent. The show remains funny and fresh. They never seem to run out of any ideas. Actually, they have TOO many ideas. Which can result in messily constructed arcs. The show begins and ends plot threads faster than I can possibly keep up.

In addition, some of the plot threads are dropped so quickly that they begin to make little sense. The biggest and most glaring was the supposed love triangle between Ravi, Peyton, and Blaine. It was a contentious issue in the season’s first few episodes, with fans actually complaining that Ravi was being too whiny. But once Blaine reveals he isn’t an amnesiac, was cured and faking to be with Peyton, the plot is dropped like a sack of potatoes and cleared away for other plots that are just as quickly dropped. It’s a shame, because a lot of these plots encourage character exploration, but they fall short. Another character to suffer is Clive. He is connected to a murdered zombie child from his past and it really takes a toll on him. For about 4 episodes. Then this murder is moved to the corner for more antics. Major adapting to life as a zombie? Brushed aside to make him human.  It’s frustrating.

One of my favorite brains (Image: Tumblr)

I can’t say enough how funny Rose McIver is on these brains. She puts so much effort into making each one seem different and funny. My personal favorite was her team up with Major to eat the brains of a father and a teenage daughter, respectively. The two were so funny flipping the conventions on each other. She just has great timing and energy for every single personality. This season did try some new things, like omitting Liv’s visions from the audience, and placing us in other character’s shoes. It’s something different and was able to make me laugh based on their reactions alone.

iZombie has been fortunate enough to be renewed for a fourth season. Writers, if you’re out there reading this… this is what I want from the next season. I want more history on Ravi and Peyton. I want a backstory from them and their pasts. Ravi is so diligent to help Liv with her problems and we still don’t really know that much about him. Rahul Kholi is a very funny actor and he does well with what’s given to him, but I think he should have something more. Peyton too. I appreciate her being slightly more integral to the plot through a murder case that Liv and Clive worked on. However, she’s only in it enough to really be a supportive best friend and not much else. These supporting characters are funny and clever in their own right. It’s time to see them have a bigger role in the show moving forward.

End of a trip (Image: Tumblr)

iZombie is still an entertaining show, flaws and all. Sure, the plot is messy and half-baked, but at least the plot threads are interesting and compelling. I look forward to the next season and all the crazy things it holds. Overall, I give season three of iZombie B-. The only reason it gets such a low grade is because of all the forgotten story arcs and underuse of some great core cast members. It’s still a fun show and I highly recommend it! It’s so different in the current TV climate. Give this show a watch!

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Episode Total: 13

Where to Find It: Netflix & CW

Favorite Episodes: 3×02 “Zombie Knows Best” , 3×09 “Twenty-Sided, Die”, 3×11 “Conspiracy Weary”. 



2 Comments Add yours

  1. truth says:

    Meh to this review…it is only 13 épisodes so of course it will be rushed..and this love triangle was not interesting anyway..as for Ravi he always get likable rooting writing..seeing him being flawed and even annoying is a good thing..it makes him more realistic and human.
    The major theme this season was more interesting and complex than for the first two seasons and season 4 seems to be even better in this area.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Appreciate the second opinion! I am excited to see where season 4 will lead. Thank you for reading!


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