iZombie Season 2 (2016)

Team Z is back! The little zombie show that could returns for its second season on the CW network. This review may touch on some events that occurred in the first season, so please be wary. Or, just watch the first season on Netflix and come back when you’re done. 

The second season of iZombie deals with the aftermath of the season one finale. Assistant M.E. Liv Moore has a lot more on her plate than brains. After the disastrous events at Meat Cute in the season finale three months ago, Liv is left to pick up the pieces. She continues to solve murders with the help of her friend/boss Ravi and partner Clive. Over the course of the season, new details come to light about night Liv turned into a zombie. Such details involve the energy drink company Max Rager. In my review of Season 1 (Link here), I hoped the show would find its voice. In its sophomore year it was able to do just that… to an extent. Let’s dig in and talk about it!

Bon Appetit! (Image: Tumblr)

iZombie has been able to find its voice in a surge of zombie-related programming. It doesn’t rely on the shuffling masses of the undead. Rather, it continues to makes zombies fun. Rose McIver as Liv Moore continues to be a ton of fun. Especially the brains she eats and how drastically they effect her personality for the case of the week. When the overarching plot isn’t too exciting, it’s nice to fall back on what brain Liv will eat. This season is not as focused on her journey to accepting her zombie form. Now, Liv and her friends will continue to find the zombie cure.


My one issue with this season is the episode count. With 6 more episodes tacked on for this season, iZombie had more time to fill. Seeing Liv on a new brain every week is extremely enjoyable, don’t get me wrong. It just felt as if there was too much room to do extra plot threads. With only 13 episodes, you can really watch the meat and potatoes of the show and have a focus on what is truly important. Season 1 was able to present a cunning villain and a chase to catch him. Season 2 has so many subplots that it would become difficult to distinguish at times.

Overall, season two of iZombie was a mixed bag for me. While I still love the concept and all of the characters, I feel that it tried to overreach and go for too many different plot threads. I give iZombie B. Maybe season three will tread new ground as it explores the dynamics between zombie kind and humankind.

Episode Total: 19

Where to Find it: Netflix (Seasons 1 & 2) and the CW

Favorite Episodes: 2×02 “Zombie Bro”, 2×14 “Eternal Sunshine of the Caffeinated Mind”, 2×16 “Pour Some Sugar, Zombie”, 2×19 “Salvation Army”



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