Hush (2016)

Hush is a low budget Netflix-distributed horror/thriller directed by Mike Flanagan and written by him and his wife Kate Siegel.

The film centers on Maddie Young (Kate Siegel), an author who is deaf and mute. She lives in a remote cabin and works on her sequel. Suddenly one night, she finds herself in a life or death situation with a murderer (John Gallagher Jr.) . It’s a game of cat and mouse to see who can survive the night.

I am not a horror movie fan. I have a few select films in the genre that I enjoy, but by-the-by I consider myself a horror-movie weenie. So what did a non-horror fan think of this movie?

Kate Siegel as Maddie (Image: IMDb)

I found it enjoyable, less horror in the sense of guts and gore and more suspenseful. Hush is a basic story that is easy to grasp. Maddie is deaf and there is a stranger after her. The simplicity works in its favor, allowing the audience to be immediately propelled into the story. I never felt like I needed to know more about Maddie’s life outside of the cabin or the killer’s story, and that was nice. I didn’t feel burdened with unnecessary information that didn’t help the plot.

However, the plot’s simplicity is a double-edged sword. The initial situation began to lose it’s edge after awhile. For me, the film started to lag in the second act and fourth acts. The two opponents would quietly walk from room to room. Yes it was nerve-wracking in the beginning when the killer is revealed, but I quickly grew tired of creeping around the house. There is only so much creeping around one can do. I was wanting to see more action.

My favorite aspect of it was the fact that the story centered on a deaf woman. It creates a new obstacle to overcome and new ways to survive. For instance, rather than rely on sound like most horror films to find the killer, Maddie must try to keep the man in her sights to avoid being killed. I wish they did hire an actual deaf actress, just to see the deaf community represented on film. I appreciated the use of a deaf character, I just would have preferred an actual deaf person represented for the film as a whole.

The Guy (Image: IMDb)

Hush is a suspenseful 81 minute ride. However, it is one of those movies that you watch and move on with your day. It did not grip me for longer than the film’s running time. I would recommend this if you are just cruising through Netflix and want a quick suspense film. For this, Hush gets a B-.

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