The LEGO Batman Movie (2017)

*Batman voice* From this website that blogs about movies and stuff…. Comes a movie review…..From the house that Batman built…..Arguably the greatest superhero of our age…. ok ok I won’t leave you in suspense, THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE!!

The LEGO Batman Movie is a sequel/spinoff to the 2014 hit The LEGO Movie, this time focusing on the Caped Crusader himself and directed by Chris McKay. Batman (Will Arnett) is back saving Gotham City, the most crime-ridden city ever from the Joker (Zach Gafalikanakis) and his goons. But Batman will now have to face his biggest fears (snake clowns) with adopted son Dick Grayson (Michael Cera) and work as a team with Alfred (Ralph Fiennes) and Barbara Gordon (Rosario Dawson) to save Gotham City yet again.

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Batman was a comedic gold mine in The LEGO Movie, so it was only natural for him to get his own spinoff in the near future. This movie was hilarious and works as a LEGO movie and a Batman movie. It was joke after joke after joke and it spit them out faster than you could hear them over your laughter from the previous joke. You could consider that to be a negative about the film, but it gives the film a second life when it goes on DVD/Blu-Ray. I am personally looking forward to seeing the movie again and listening for the jokes I missed through my laughter on the first round of jokes.

While the film is advertised the Bat, LEGO Batman stays firmly within the LEGO tradition. This includes all the quirks we know and love from the first LEGO movie. For example, they don’t swear. They say “O-M-Gosh” or “heck-hole”.  I personally love how all the LEGO characters move. Animation tries to avoid stiff, disjointed movements if it can help it. With the LEGOs, stiff movements work and make room for comedy centered on their status as a toy. The film looks like stop motion, but is actually done on computers. In a market that has PIXAR type films as the standard, this blocky style really is fun to watch.

When you just want to stay home (Image: Google)

In addition, LEGO Batman narrowed the vast scope of the LEGO world (like Cloud Cuckoo Land from The LEGO Movie),  from the original down to Gotham City. It gave the story a more intimate feeling and kept the world grounded in the Bat-verse. Yet, it still had the cheery “Everything is Awesome” vibe.

While the LEGO aspect of the film keeps it together (see what I did there?), the heart is truly in the Batman- canon. It is an unofficial Batman story in the long tradition. While this version is more silly, a la the 1966 Batman, it certainly homages all of the other Batman adaptations and DC films in general. While these films are honored, LEGO Batman certainly doesn’t hesitate to mock the past. My personal favorite was a joke by Alfred referencing all of Batman’s ‘phases’ (What about that one in 2016, 2012, 2008…) and recreating the previous iterations of the past. This movie is the most unconventional of the group, but I believe that it deserves to be included in the line up of Batman movies.

TEAMWORK! (Image: Tenor)

Overall, The LEGO Batman Movie is a hilarious superhero adventure that will appeal to both kids and adults, Batman fans and LEGO Movie fans. It works well as a solo Batman film and a continuation of the LEGO Movie. To be honest, I believe the DCEU could learn a few things from this movie. While The LEGO Batman Movie is closer in style to the 1966 adaptation, it still manages to construct a well-done Batman story. It’s not along a comic story-line like the Christopher Nolan films, but it still manages to seal itself within the canon of the Batman legacy and make us all laugh.

The LEGO Batman Movie gets an A for awesome!

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  1. says:

    I started laughing when the studio logos appeared, and was still laughing as the credits began to role. A lot of fun!

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  2. I thought Deadpool was breaking the fourth wall a lot. “The LEGO Batman Movie” shattered the fourth wall in the opening seconds. Thank you for reading!


  3. I LOVED The Lego Movie, and I know I’ll love The Lego Batman Movie just as much. Thanks for sharing your terrific review!

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  4. Thank you for reading!


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