Supernatural: Season 7 (2011)

Supernatural returns for its seventh season, promising more of the family business. After season six’s weaker outing, can Sera Gamble and her writing crew rally together and right the ship? Pack up your gear, this is season seven of Supernatural!  >Major Spoiler Warnings<

Split (2016)

M. Night Shyamalan has risen out of the depths of director purgatory by giving us his biggest twist yet- a good movie? Is thriller Split a return to form? Let’s make like a banana and check out Split!  >Major Spoilers Below<

Lars and the Real Girl (2007)

Change comes in the most unlikely of places. For some, it’s a chance encounter with a stranger or a sign from above. For Lars Lindstrom and his small town, it’s the arrival of Bianca. Craig Gillespie attempts to explore family, mental illness, and more in his 2007 dramedy. Let’s dive right into it!

Supernatural: Season 6 (2010)

The Winchester brothers continue to avoid death and keep on fighting in their sixth season. With a new show runner onboard and ready to start a new chapter in the Winchester saga, how does it fare? Grab your salt, this is season six. >> Spoiler Warning <<

Newsies (1992)

It’s a fine life carrying the banner for this band of plucky toe-tapping newsies. That is, until they feel the spirit of revolution hit in this true story. Starring Christian Bale, and directed by Kenny Ortega, can the Newsies rouse a big enough headline? Grab your newsboy cap, let’s decide this once and for all.

Behind the Screen: A Movie/TV Blogger Tag

Hello everybody! This is the After Credits Corner’s 100th post!! To celebrate, I figured that I would pull back the curtain and share a little bit about myself. Note about tag: Originally inspired by the Behind the Screen: A Book Blogger Tag, just modified it a bit. 

Supernatural: Season 5 (2009)

With the apocalypse on the horizon, the Winchesters must rally together to try and stop the unstoppable. Eric Kripke and the Supernatural crew take on the Devil and more supernatural entities in a standout season. Grab the salt, gas up the car, we’re back on the road with season five of Supernatural!  >Spoilers Ahead!<

Marvel Cinematic Universe Ranked

It’s been 10 years and Marvel has released 20 films in that time. It’s time to celebrate this achievement and what better way to do so than rank them all! For more of my detailed thoughts on the films, check out my full reviews linked in the titles. Without further ado, this is my ranking…

Christopher Robin (2018)

Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin go together like PB&J. It’s hard to imagine the pair apart for long. But what happens when Christopher Robin grows up? Marc Forster’s Christopher Robin tries to answer in Disney’s most recent live action film. How does it fare? Let’s journey back to the Hundred Acre Wood and see!